Covid-19 SK


a microscopic view of covid

Currently AIR is working on a program of research related to the COVID-19 pandemic. We are examining the experiences of the people of Saskatchewan in the early stages of the pandemic through multiple professions and people including:


Interprofessional project: Pandemic experiences of ethical and moral dilemmas and distress for frontline law enforcement, nurse, and paramedic personnel

Saskatchewan Polytechnic students analyzed data for a series of ten ethical dilemmas affecting decision-making during a pandemic. The Applied Research Showcase on May 4th, 2021 was the first look at their analyses of separate professions. The work continued to comparing interprofessional uniqueness in pandemic responses.

Meet this team…

Poppy Pau

Poppy joined the team in her second semester of the Practical Nursing program. “I feel like research encourages independence and active learning. I would like to learn more and add on to rural nursing in the future. This project helped me learnt the extent of personal sacrifices that paramedics had to make in order to serve the population. Very grateful for their service!”



Hariharan Rajendran

 I am a student of Business Marketing at Saskatchewan Polytechnic. I am an Electrical and Electronics Engineer passionate to learn Digital Marketing. I am a traveler and I love meditation.

Marketing research had been an interesting subject in my course. I considered, to research about the moral dilemmas of frontline police officers during Covid 19 as an opportunity to use my research skills to learn about the difficulties they faced and help in finding a solution or helping them in finding their solutions! This was an opportunity to learn and an opportunity to serve.


Lilyan Roy

 Lilyan Roy joined the team in her first year of Practical Nursing and she comes with a Master of Science background. She has always been passionate about the research in Biological Sciences. She has recently assisted Saskatchewan Polytechnic researchers in the qualitative analysis of Covid-19 project. This project has enhanced her knowledge about nursing related research and inspired her to continue her work with the Covid-19 project.