This is a model for a quick assessment. Depending on how many spoons* you have these charts can be quick (what colour are you?) to reading every point and figuring out a score for you to track over time.



The stoplight technique

Where’s your mental health at?

Print, circle, reflect, score, assess.


Which of these statements resonate with you? On the whole, what colour do you end up in? Research says…if you’re in green or yellow start pulling in your personal resources – your go-to self-care devices and circle the peeps around you for support. Research says…if you’re in orange, burnout is a potential problem. If you’re in red, please reach out for help. Orange and red may need professional resources beyond what you are already doing for self-care.

What can you do?

Are you a manager? What can you do?

Moral injury: the soul wound inflicted by doing something that violates one’s own ethics, ideals, or attachments (Litz et al.)