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We Hear You: A conversation on rural interprofessional teams

The AIR team joins with a team of researchers taking An Inside Look to develop and understand a synthesis of findings from research that shares a Saskatchewan wide picture of healthcare during the pandemic. Taking a look at the big picture, we noticed we were hearing lots of comments about four key experiences in healthcare: Teamwork, Communication, Burnout and Leadership. In this podcast, we talk with RN Crystal Kuras on how these four themes might be reflected in the rural interprofessional teamwork at Tisdale Hospital.

We Hear You: An inside look at healthcare employees’ experiences working during a pandemic

In this podcast episode, join Natasha Hubbard Murdoch as she interviews Abigail Wickson-Griffiths, a nurse researcher from University of Regina, and Paulette Hunter, a clinical psychologist researcher from University of Saskatchewan, about their study following employees’ experiences at work during the first year of the pandemic. Learn more about how staff found the strength to manage stress and burnout in surprising ways.



Community Wellness Connections for Indigenous Youth Across Canada 


Research Projects Police

Addressing moral distress on the frontlines: The ethical challenges police officers are experiencing due to Covid-19


Research Projects Paramedics


Addressing moral distress on the frontlines: The ethical challenges paramedics are experiencing due to Covid-19

Research Projects Nursing 

Understanding moral distress in frontline professionals: Nurses’ & Nursing educators’ experiences during the pandemic

Research Projects Senior Socially Distancing and Isolating 

Research Projects Senior Thrive and Survive Tips 

Culturally Responsive Student Success Routes: Fostering Relationships to Create Inclusive Post-Secondary Learning Environments 

(2021 Presentation for Virtual CICan Conference)